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May the Month of Mary


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Daily Mass 

These short videos from religious leaders from different churches in England and Wales, including our Archbishops Vincent Cardinal Nichols, remind us of the importance of prayer at present and encourage us to keep our spiritual lives active.

Thursday 14th May 2020 has been chosen as a day to pray for the end of the COVID 19 pandemic by the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity. The faithful from a number of churches and religions are encouraged to especially pray that day for this intention.  

A message from Fr Hector

Dear all, 

I hope this finds you and your families well. 

A number of religious leaders have expressed their concerns to the government regarding the ongoing situation with the places of worship. The link below gives us information about some of the considerations  brought to the attention of the UK political leaders in order to develop a plan for the safe re-opening of places of worship:


Pray that we priests and other clerics do not have to mount guard at the door of the church and other place of worship armed with a bottle of disinfectant and a cloth to clean after each visitor. 

On a different note, 2022 will mark the 90th anniversary of the foundation of our parish. I hope that by then we may be free to come to church without much fear and anxiety! It would be good to start thinking about how to celebrate this milestone. Please find attached a couple of beautiful pictures kindly provided by Mary Heal of the present church around the time it was finished (1963). If you have pictures of the old or the 'new' church do please forward them to me. This will be be most appreciated! 

Keep safe and in good spirits. We must persevere in looking after ourselves and one another.

With prayers and best wishes,

Fr Hector Rouco, PP

Kate ( a friend of Fr Hector)  has embroidered In Memoriam 2020 on the inside of this orphrey as a tribute to our loved ones who have died of COVID 19, the chrysalis who enriched our lives during their time on Earth and have now reached their perfection as butterflies in the Lord.

Letter from His Holiness Pope Francis to all the faithful for the month of May 2020

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