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St Bernadette’s Primary School is a Catholic School in the trusteeship of the Diocese of Westminster. We are an Academy forming the ‘All Saints’ Trust’ alongside St Gregory’s High School, Our Lady of Grace Infant and Junior Schools and St Margaret Clitherow Primary School (all Brent Schools). We are situated in a residential area adjacent to Queensbury Recreation Ground in the parish of All Saints’ Church, Kenton and also we serve neighbouring parishes of St Erconwald’s, St William of York and St Anthony’s.

St Bernadette’s opened in September 1953 with 188 pupil on roll. The school has expanded and became an Academy in January 2016 with our Nursery and caters now for 480 children from ages 3+ to 11. The children are arranged in two mixed ability classes in each age group from Reception to Year 6. School starts at 8.55am and ends at 3.20pm, (with 1 hour lunch break).

The Diocesan Education Commission is responsible for appointment of Foundation Governors. The School Governors’ responsibilities are to ensure that the distinctive nature of Catholic education is preserved and developed and to provide a strategic plan for school development, so that pupils are given every opportunity to develop their talents to the full, reaching the highest standards of which they are capable. The School governors are also responsible for the appointment of the staff and the admission of pupils.

The school is responsible for the expenditure of its own budgets. The Academy (Multi-Academy Trust) has a strategic Trust Board made up of 10 representatives who are a mixture from the schools within our MAT. Our Governing Body reports to the Trust Board but maintains its independence under our ‘Scheme of Delegation.’

Our Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum. We have an emphasis on developing confident, fluent readers and use ‘The Power of Reading’ to put reading at the centre of our curriculum and our learning. As a Catholic School we recognise R.E as a core subject and we adhere to a Diocesan-wide curriculum; ‘In God’s Name’ extended by our ‘Building the Kingdom’ and ‘Lifesavers’ approach to developing the curriculum, all of which are based within the requirements of the Religious Education Curriculum Directory.
We work closely with the local Parish, our parents/carers and the community in embedding our strong links. We foster an ethos of serving both individuals and society (the Common Good). Opportunities to seek awe and wonder are embedded throughout the curriculum. Moreover the school aims to encourage children to strive for personal excellence in all aspects of the curriculum to help children live out the Gospel values of their Christian lives.
Our pupils are offered a very wide range of experiences, ‘first- hand’ where possible, to extend their understanding of themselves, the community they live in and the world in which they live. 
Knowledge, skills, attitudes and values are developed to prepare the children for the next stage of learning; from Nursery/Primary to Secondary School and to enable them to be successful individuals in the community.
We believe that effective learning takes place when there is considerable emphasis on active involvement with opportunities to talk both imaginatively and expressively to explain and clarify thinking. We make meaningful connections for all pupils across all subjects with cross curricular writing firmly embedded. 
We expect everyone to develop and show a sense of responsibility and self-discipline whether alone or together at work or at play.  In doing so, we actively promote the common good and British values (democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs) to prepare our pupils for life in modern day Britain. 

Our Aim

We provide a secure and welcoming environment in which relationships between all members of the school community are conducive to a happy, stable and purposeful learning atmosphere

We help the school community grow in accordance with the ideals of the Catholic Faith

Pupils develop lively enquiring minds, an active interest in knowledge and an enjoyment of learning, realising their potential and achieving high standards

We provide high quality teaching, resulting in high standards of learning

Children are provided with the tools to communicate effectively through speaking and writing and to express their feelings through varied art forms

Children’s knowledge and understanding of the scientific, geographical, historical and environmental aspects of the world in which we live are deepened, together with an appreciation of human achievements

Children’s are aware of their bodies, in terms of uses, how to be healthy and fit, to solve physical challenges in ways which demand the greatest effort, self- discipline and co-operation of all as part of a team

Mr. D. O'Farrell


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