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Crested maroon sweatshirt
Crested sky blue polo shirt 

Reception to Year 6

Grey pinafore, skirt or trousers 
Crested sky blue polo shirt 
Crested maroon sweatshirt 
Grey / maroon tights
Grey socks
Black shoes 
Blue or black coat 
Crested school hat 

Summer Uniform for Reception to Year 6

Blue & white checked summer dresses 
White socks
Grey shorts 
Crested maroon fleece -
(Not to be worn in place of Sweatshirt) 
Crested school cap 

P.E. Reception to Year 6

Crested white T-Shirt 
Navy blue shorts 
Old trainers (plain black or white) / plimsolls  
Blue crested tracksuit for outdoor PE 
Additional Information
Children’s feet at primary school age are still growing and developing and they play active games.  In the interest of health and safety, therefore, we ask parents to provide CONVENTIONAL BLACK school shoes 
Children also require the following items: a shoe bag and a school book bag (Nursery-Y2) or backpack (Y3-6). 
NO JEWELLERY, of any type should be worn to school for safety reasons. Children with pierced ears may wear stud earrings, these would need to be removed or covered on PE days. 
Religious Wear
If you would like your child to wear an item of jewellery for religious reasons, this must put this in writing, to the Governors, so that the health and safety implications can be reviewed. This request may not be granted, the health and safety of the children is paramount. 
Religious headwear is acceptable, although the school does require that items are restricted to plain black, navy or white.

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