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Help Huluta Family

Let's unite and support a family that needs us in these difficult times. The Huluta family was destroyed in a car accident on Sunday morning in Bacău. Trying to get to their loved ones at home from abroad, they encountered a great obstacle. Only two family members survived the accident, the father (Florin Huluta) and their three-year-old son (Matei). The mother (Ionela Huluta, 34), their three-month-old daughter (Georgiana) and their seven-year-old son (Darius) died in the accident. The family is going through a very difficult time in their lives and needs our help. Unimaginable pain and a challenging life ahead for the family members that are left behind, they need our support! Please mention them in your prayers and help with any amount you can.

Let's unite!

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Forever in our hearts and in our prayers.
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